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Stevenson! Hello and welcome on my homepage! :-) My name is Stefano, the surname Brandimarte and the nickname is stevens or Stevenson!  (1)

From some time I am dedicating to a new project nearly entire mine, called CED, with which I hope to realize things otherwise precluded to me. On the www.ced.it website there are the details of this new company, its target and goals!

I'm an Unix "System Administrator" (2) and also the "Chief Technical Officer" (3) at CED srl and, obviously, for our customers. I'm really enjoying my job, even if there's a lot of work to do. I was previously engaged in the same tasks at Alicom, a company founded by me (together with two others) in 1997 (I leaved the partnership in June 2005).

If you already heard something about me regarding the data processing world, you know that someone thinks i'm a bit paranoid, expecially for "security" related tasks; however i'm inclined to define it reasonableness. (5)

Here you can find links to pages of some friends of mine:
This is my pgp key, and my resume (in italian for now). See you soon... Stevenson!

1 - Actually stevens wasn't my first choice, i'd better prefer stevenson, but my first isp said that an username longer than eight characters was unacceptable. I wasn't aware that this username, stevens, was the surname of an Unix guru, a great teacher and technical writer, Richard W. Stevens.
2 - The "System Administrator" is the one that has responsibilities to make the computers work and to manage them so every single user can do his job without troubles.
3 - The "Chief Technical Officer" is, in my opinion, the most difficult task to accomplish in a data processing environment, because he has to prevent abuses, misuses and any other erroneous use of the computers equipment, arranging for quick solutions when requested.
5 - My decisions and choices are often based on my personal experience (I spent the last eleven years in the IT world), and also hearing others' experience other than good reading, from the software source code (when available, e.g. Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD) to the "classical" books and manuals (e.g. those from Richard W. Stevens).

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